Who We Are With the technology of RF/microwave field improves more and more advance, and the working frequency of the electronic products is trending higher and higher operation. In order to reduce the problem of noise and time lag, the parts must be designed and developed more precise, and the reasonable price as well.
We, LIH YEU SHENG Industries Co., Ltd. (= LYS), are the leading manufacturer of RF Connectors and Adaptors in Taiwan.
LIH YEU SHENG designs, develops, and manufactures SMA, Reverse Polarity SMA, SMB Female, MCX, N-type, RF Adapter, and BMA with more than twenty years. RF connectors and Adaptors directly play an important part of RF/Microwave component, wireless component, antenna, and RF cable assembly, etc. The wider applications are included telecommunication, medical instrumentation, marine instrumentation, test measurement, automotive, military, industry, and aerospace, etc.

Basic Introduction
  1. Business Type: Manufacturer
  2. Time of Establishment : In 1988
  3. Capital : US$650,000
  4. Factory: 1,322 square feet
  5. Employee: 35
  6. Main Product:  N-Type connectork,
    SMA connector,
    SMB Female connector,
    MCX connector,
    RF Adaptor
  7. ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  8. RoHS Compliance
  9. D&B Certification
Factory – CNC Lathe Machines
What We Do

ISO9001 : 2008 Certificated

  1. We follow the principle of ISO9001:2008 to manage, produce, and sell our products in each step


  1. Good quality is based on the complete design, manufacturing procedure, matching client’s requirement as well.
  2. Meeting client’s requirement is a kind of responsibility.” —is one of basic principle in LYS employee training.
  3. High Frequency Vector Network Analyzers (Up to 40GHz & 20GHz, 50ohm) and the related calibration kit to ensure the perfect fit between design and manufacture.

R & D

“Low Return Loss as Saving Energy” is a basic concept when R&D team designs and develops our products. The basic concept means when we operate the machine which has low return loss enables to decrease the usage of electricity and energy.

LYS not only improves our existing products to achieve great electrical performance continuously but also develops and customizes new products to meet clients’ requirement positively. Please click here to know more.

We combine the special patent design into RF Connectors and Adaptors. It is not only improves the product performance and durability, but also bring out your product-features uniquely. Moreover,the compatibility of LYS products has been concerned when we design and produce them. What we do into our products to improve their performance and durability? Let us to guide you to know more about our strong patent items, please click contact.
Patent Certifications
20GHz Vector Network Analyzer
  1. The fast feedback of the enquiry
  2. Sample offering
  3. The most accurate and quick delivery day
  4. Excellent performance
  5. The most direct promise of the stable quality
  6. The competitive prices
40GHz Vector Network Analyzer

Product We have several frequency segmentations of connector and adapter to meet your different requirement, such as 4GHz, 6GHz, 10GHz, 12.4GHz and 18GHz.

SMA connectors and adaptor are our basic and complete product line; we have various specifications for different applications, and several frequency segmentation, included 6GHz, 10GHz, 12.4GHz, and 18GHz.In order to let our clients use the best products no matter in the normal or higher frequency range, we also have the patent structure of Air Insulator 12.4 GHz SMA Connector, and 18GHz SMA Connector. LYS is a direct manufacturer of RF connector and adaptor. Our factory and administrating office are established in the same place. We possess an excellent RD team and the professional sales to give you the solution in short time.

If you are looking for SMA Connector, SMB Female Connector, MCX Connector, N-type Connector, and RF Adaptor, please contact us. We will feedback the best service to you soon.

Contact us
  • sales@lihyeu.com.tw
  • 886-6-253-8122
  • 886-6-253-7252
  • No. 160, Heping E. Rd., Yungkang Dist., Tainan 71042, Taiwan, R.O.C. (Map)

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